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Foods vs. aw (water activity ) 发布时间:2014/05/27 14:03:42

Examples of aw-measurements around the world, classified by the approximative aw-range: aw: 0.95 fresh fish, fresh meat, fresh and canned vegetables and fruits, butter, sausages, milk, mayonnaise, bread 0.90 cheese (Swiss, Cheddar, Muenster), cured ham, fruit concentrates 0.85 fermented sausages (salami), processed cheese, fruit cakes, dry sausages, orange juice concentrates, margarine 0.80 fruit juice concentrates, syrups, flours, bakery goods 0.75 jams, condensed milk, marmelade, marzipan 0.70 molasses, dried figs, salted fish 0.65 nuts, raw cane sugar, jelly 0.60 cereals, dried fruits, caramel, ground coffee, liquorice, parmesan / sprinz type cheese 0.50 honey, pasta (noodles, ravioli), chocolate, confectionaries, chewing gum, herbs, spices 0.40 cocoa, egg powder 0.30 dried potatoes, crackers, biscuits, cookies, corn flakes, soup powder, stock cubes 0.20 dried milk powder, dried vegetables 0.10 freeze dried products, Nescafé, pharmaceutical powders (down to 0.03aw)